Color! Color! Color!

A Visit to Perennial Fabrics

I had the chance to visit Dallas based Perennials Fabrics last week when my AVL loom cable broke and I was looking for help for a replacement.  Perennials Fabrics creates high-performance textiles, and their design studio is right here in Dallas, Texas!  All of the acrylic fiber yarn they use is dyed BEFORE spinning, creating a color fast, incredibly rich depth of color in the final textile.   Several AVL looms fill their design workspace, and they are in the process of installing a brand new European jacquard loom that looks like something from the year 2050! 

Pictured below is the color fiber combination wall for their rug product line.

Thanks so much to Cate, who helped me when I was having a "loom emergency!"


Color blending at Periennials Fabrics